Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Socked" In

Another snowy day here.  Seems like the snow has come to stay.  One could say we're "socked in!"

What say you?  Yes!  Speaking of Socks, at last, a Ta Dah moment!
Rachel cozy in her socks!

Max cozy in his
Interesting thing, this "Ta Dah!" stuff.  While in yoga yesterday, my teacher explained the meaning of "Tadasana" or mountain pose.  Did you know "Ta Da" means "I am that?"  Maybe that's what is feeding my desire to create?  Striking when you think of it.  Each sock knit, each cookie baked, each blog posted, each relationship shared, a connection to "I am that."  A connection to the creative spark that got us on this journey in the first place.

Makes me want to stand tall, feet firmly planted and centered on the earth, and with my heart open, take a deep breathe and go out into the world.
Missy has her Ta Da! moment
What about you?


Anonymous said...

love that Missy! def a ta-da moment. :)

Laura Laura said...

Beautiful blog, Melissa!

Ta Da! I love that! You are that! Tada!

I love you, darlin'!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your work is so beautiful and creative, but more than that you are beautiful and creative. You are a gift!


Molly said...

great socks! and how funny you mentioned the mountain pose - i ran into a neighbor at the dog park yesterday and he mentioned the same pose in relation to dog training. i think the universe is telling me to practice yoga. ta-da!

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