Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cinnamon Prayer Beads

Hi All!  It's been awhile, but I'm still here.  Been playing around with the idea of making a Mala for an upcoming 40 day meditation for Lent.  Where do these ideas come from?  Sometimes things catch my attention, and if they persist, and don't let up, I know it's time to make it happen.

This time I was captivated by the idea of making cinnamon prayer beads, and the idea just wouldn't go away.  Boy howdee I'm glad for it.  It was lovely forming these beads with the intention of stringing a mala as well. 

I hope to post a tutorial, but for now, I'm off to do the dishes.

Blessings - Melissa

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Oy!  That last post was rather doleful, rather down (I wrote it last week but didn't have the heart to hit the publish post button).  Geeze, could I be a bigger Eeyore?  Have no fear!  I've been rescued by a rather shining spot in our lifes.  Let me introduce you to Rachel:

Our dear Rachel turned sweet 16 last week, and although that saying fits her to a "T," right now this is not what impresses me most about her.  THIS week I had the great good fortune to see her compete in a High School swim meet.  My daughter is not the most competitive of sorts, neither is her brother, neither am I.  So getting her involved in competitive, organized sports has not been easy. Why do it?  I've learned the hard way that everybody needs their niche, their "clan" so to speak.

Let me tell you, what I witnessed floored me.  We had just gotten there when the 50 free heat was starting.  Brad pointed out a swimmer and said, "Is that Rachel?"  We both were taken off guard.  I said, "I don't think so, that girl is a machine.  Look at her chugging through that water."  I'm used to seeing Rachel swim beautifully, gracefully.  This girl was moving as if her life depended on it.  I mean, this girl didn't even come up for air the entire second half length of the pool.

That's when it hit me.  That is Rachey, and look at her go!  Look at her move!  Look at that POWER.  Look at that STRENGTH.  That was the gift.  Witnessing her harness her own power, her own strength.  What a beautiful lesson.  I hope she takes this with her throughout her life, that through her own discipline and committment she could excell.  Through her own diligence she will propel herself through life like she did through that water, as if it were air, as if it were nothing.

I couldn't be more proud of my sweet, thoughtful, caring, STRONG and POWERFUL daughter.  I love you dearly Rachel!  If you read this Rachel, did you know that you inspire me??

Lazy Days

Ok, I admit it.  I'm moving at a snail's pace these days.  My mojo seems to have taken a hiatus.  I guess it's just the season, and that is all there is to it for me.  I try and justify my lethargy by remaining faithful to my handwork.  It seems my knitting is my only salvation for my discipline, or lack thereof.  Yes, I'm getting the dogs out, doing laundry/dishes, preparing meals, showing up for work, but really there is not a lot of "joie de vivre" in much of it.  It's more like I'm on cruise control, a very S L O W cruise indeed.

HOWEVER, here is a peek at two of the knitted pieces that have come from my mid-winter slumber:

Saphire Wavy Feathers Cap

Click here for pattern!
Entwined Cowl

I would direct you to my Ravelry Page for more details, but alas, I have yet to post these.

Sigh . . .

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Having myself a moment on this snowy day.  It seems a bit of a tease after two days in the upper 50's nearing 60's, but I'm grateful for the moisture and happy for all those skiiers out there who have been bemoaning the lack of it.  Today I get to prepare for my daughter's 16th birthday.  Although she has had a room make over (per her request) she has informed me that I can still get her a present.  Got to love that girl.  Really, I mean who doesn't love to start their birthday with a few wrapped goodies?

Rachel's Room Before

Rachel's Room After

But before I head off in search of that perfect something, I get to sit at my messy desk (much more comfortable for me than overly tidy), sip some jasmine tea gifted me by a friend, and stare out the window.

Stolen moments, some of the best kind.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Morning!

Is it true what they say, "Red Sky at morning Sailors take warning?"  Or "Red Skies at night, Sailors delight?"  Either way, wouldn't it be nice if they cancelled each other out?  I mean, why the fuss?  Does there need to be delight only to be brought down by dire circumstances and vice versa?  Why not be happy with plain vanilla?

I guess the New Year has me thinking, of course.  So many people so full of good intentions.  I'm not saying that I don't have any.  I guess I just want to stay the course.  Nothing dramatic.  One could say, the middle path, or that Goldilocks "just right" kind of place.  We have had a nice year, 2011.  Pleasant.  A few bumps here and there, but really I'm so grateful to say that we've been able to aright ourselves and stay the course.

I know so many people that had dramatic years.  Big changes, big surprises.  After being there to witness their journeys, I guess I'm asking to get my knocks in small, manageable, bit-size pieces.  I'm good with that.  Little challenges that encourage me to grow, without getting the wind knocked out of me.

Is it too much to ask  for?
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