Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Changing Things Up

Good lordy, where have I been and why haven't I posted?  I guess it's never to late to change things up a bit.  I have been enjoying switching things up, and I guess one change has been to hold onto these said changes before blogging about them.  Let them take root so to speak.

One of the most notable changes for me is the happiness I'm finding from MOVING, and I do mean moving in every sense of the word BUT leaving our little haven in Brigadoon.  Rather than renewing myself through my creative endeavors, I find myself pursuing more active undertakings.  It all started this past summer when I discovered a 50 meter length OUTDOOR pool in Boulder.  It was such a nice escape from chores and such, and whenever I got out of the pool I felt like a new person.  Really and truly.

This new routine continued into the school year when we were chased back inside by the cooler temps.  Now five months later I find that I have joined a swim team.  What?!  It is such a great group of people.  Which highlights another change for me.  JOINing a group of people.  I've been such a lone wolf for so long, always so independent and resourceful.  But being a lone wolf gets lonely, and it's nice to be in a pack.

It feels good to be moving forward and implementing changes in my life, as opposed to holding on fiercely to what I think my life "should be."  I guess I have my teenagers to thank for this momentum.  Given the choice I would want them to always need "Mommy Chicken" and I could go on mothering in the way I've been used to ad infinitum.  But as they grow, I'll try and grow along side them.

It's exciting to be into a New Year with new habits and prospects on the horizon.  Yes, my little trio of hens still need me, along with my family and pups, but it's nice to know there is room for more.  So much so that we had an exchange student from Costa Rica visit with us for the past couple of weeks.  What a joy!

I hope you all have the strength to keep moving forward with your lives this year.  I think it's going to be a good one!

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