Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Why does a chicken do anything, really?  One can drive oneself mad asking those kind of questions.  Which has me thinking (oh no, not that again), why not stop asking some many damn questions?  So ultimately, that is what I gave up for Lent, the thought of "why?".  It's been rather liberating I must say.  In fact, I've been learning to let go, or at least I'm trying now more than ever, in 2013. Sadly, Mommy Chicken has been paying the price a bit, but she's patient.  She knows her time to shine will come again.

So what have I been up to?  Quite simply, I've been MOVING, not my house, but my body.  I've been enjoying the community of swimming in a group, the Boulder Aquatic Masters, and the fitness of body, not to mention mind, it has brought me.  It seems this physical outlet is taking over the creative outlet at the moment, but that's OK.  Good things come from a little time off.  There are ideas percolating, but rather than write about them, I'm going to sit on them some more and see what hatches.

In addition to getting more physical, we've have been making physical changes to our home.  The most important being the purchase and installation of a wood burning stove.

There may have been a better installation configuration, but Brad and I were not up to demolition of the hearth and masonry work.  Sometimes it's better to do something imperfectly, than nothing perfectly.  Here she is prettified with BEESwax candles.  I sure do love beeswax candles, the glow and scent is incomparable.  Wouldn't it be neat to keep bees, harvest honey, make candles and other products with their wax, and especially learn about how they live in their amazing community?

In addition to tending the fires at home, I get to tend the plants (indoors) and pups:

Pepper - the "prince" or "stinker" depending on the time of the day

Lucy - I need say no more but to know her is to love her

not to mention tending the family and work . . . all good things making for a very full and happy life.  I have managed to sneak in a little creativity.  Here's a peak at a little project for you gardeners who are eager to get outside, but find it a bit too cold yet:

You can buy, soak, and sow wheat grass seeds indoors in any pretty container or planter of your choosing.  Soon, you'll have a lovely grassy display for your spring pleasure :)

"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than a jouney-work of the stars" ~ Walt Whitman

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