Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today's Unfoldment

After many beautiful days of overcast skies and thunder showers (a rarity here) we were greeted by several lovely openings in the garden. Thought I'd share!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who knew?

It's really news to me that green beans produce purple flowers. Another surprise waking me up to the beauty of tending a garden. At least they sure look like green beans.

I should be ready for any manner of surprises because summer living has fallen into that lovely feeling of cruise control that I look forward to every year. Lots of back porch time to leisurely read and just stare off into the garden.


Although it's a bit of a challenge to enjoy the peace guilt free. I do know that peace comes at a price. I earn it everyday with the tending of family and flock. Just the other day I had to go toe to toe with a bull snake who had been happily feasting on the ladies eggs.  Once that was managed I started gathering my favorite green eggs again.

Yes I was so excited I dropped one!

So although all is quiet in the country for now, I keep a watchful eye.

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