Friday, February 4, 2011

Right Then

Okay, so no more "wallowing in the mire."  I sure do like to throw myself pity parties, don't I?  Wait, don't answer that.  If I'm sick of my moping I can only imagine how my family and friends feel.  So, onward and upward!  It was a beautiful, snowy afternoon here in Boulder, again.
Today would probably be a great ski day at the local ski hill, Eldora, but I will probably be helping my husband, Brad, get off for their scout weekend.  Actually, he is very well prepared.  My help will be more along the encouragement and reassurance lines.  You see they are going to Klondike Days in Winter Park which involves Dog Sled Racing, Dutch Oven Cooking and sleeping in a tent.  In the winter.  In the snow.  And cold.  Bless his heart, he's a better man than me!

So the girls are left to our own imaginations as to how we will pass the time.  My favorite!  I know it will involve watching movies, but . . . I have a sneaky suspicion that this would be a good weekend for some sewing.  Rachel and I saw some incredible Plum colored jersey knit the last time we were at the fabric store, and boy oh boy it would make a great swingy cardigan.  Something like this, only more purple!

Fast and pretty.  With any luck, I'll have pictures to post of our joint project.  In the meantime, I continue to look forward to Spring, and want to share what's inspiring me now:

I love these tops, so swingy, so 70's, and green is my color! (I seem to like the word "swingy" today :])
 I love them all, well, the blue doesn't really appeal to me, but hey, cute cute cute anyway!
 Can you say "ruffles?" Oh how I love them!
Love these skirts, something about the bold print and clean lines of the bias tape.

I hope you all enjoy a great weekend as well!


Lori Hewitt said...

Love the skirts, they will look fabulous on you.

Rachel Klein said...

Oh I love it mommy, such cute floraly tops. Cant wait for spring can you? I enjoy your little blog its so you :)

Melissa said...

Thanks ladies! They would look good on you as well!

Shannon Ingraham said...

Max and Pepper are too cute.

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