Friday, January 14, 2011

Sock Debacle

Ok, ok, so I may be a little dramatic.  Not quite a Sock Debacle, but rather than a "Ta Dah!" moment, as Lucy from Attic24 is so fond of declaring, perhaps more of a "Ta Dah Dud!" moment.

Last year my son, Max, was knitting socks in his 5th grade at his Waldorf School.  In an effort to support him, I decided to knit socks along with him.  4 1/2 pairs later it was spring.  I was in love with each and every pair, but not enough to finish off the toe with the dreaded Kitchner Stitch.  Here is the first pair I "finished."  I knit these during the fall and the colors in this bamboo/merino blend reflected Nature's Glory.  My oh my I was inspired!  Even the yarn color, "Citrine," spoke to me.
But wait, you say "How pretty!"  How can that be a "Ta Dah Dud" moment?  Here's how, and its not a new concept "HASTE MAKES WASTE!"  I was too hasty to go through the trouble of doing a sincere effort at the Kitchner Stitch.   Instead, I quickly sewed up the toes so I could walk my pups.  About a mile into our walk I could feel my toes coming through one sock.  Crap!  Off they came and the live stitches were thrown on a holder, and the socks thrown back into my handwork bag until a better time.

Well, the autumn and the holidays came and went, as they will, and the socks are being resurrected.

This lovely pair was intended for my daughter, Rachel, but being 15 and Fabulous, not sure if they'll ever get worn.  Perhaps I will frog the decrease, knit a little longer, and waa laa, another pair for me! 
This pair was intended for my husband, who declared he doesn't like handknit socks.  So . . . I will now have 3 new pair of socks, after I finsih with the dreaded Kitchner Stitch, of course!

Lastly, this pair is intended for my son, Max, who can always use another pair of socks. Bless him, he is actually, genuinely excited by the idea, or a very good actor.  I waited on decreasing for the toes knowing that his 12 year old feet would probably grow some over the summer.

See how good I am at rationalizing my procrastination?

Who knows, perhaps someday soon I'll resurrect my "Ta Dah Dud" moment and have my own "Ta Dah" to share?

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