Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And The Winner Is . . .

It's a tradition in our family to watch the Oscars.  So, we jumped in the car early Sunday to make it home in time.  Not hard to do when the weather in Steamboat Springs had delivered. We had an easy drive up Thursday afternoon, and were tucked in our cozy condo before the snow started to fly.  And boy did it ever!
One of the many special things about the place is their Aspen Glades.  I've skied trees all over Colorado, but never in an Aspen forest, until now!
I'm so happy I got to share this with my boys,
Boyz in the Trees
Missy in Powder
and the Hot Springs with my girl.
But, as I'm fond of saying, "sometimes enough is enough." So with car loaded, and memories made we wound our way through the mountains back to our home on the front range.

And Oscar night?  It did not disappoint, lots of oohs and ahhs from our girl over the beautiful dresses and people.  The highlight for me?  The last quote shared in memorandum:

“It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.” Lena Horne b. 1917

I guess she knew what she was talking about, seeing that she lived to 93 years young.  May you all have what is takes to lessen your loads, lots and lots of love!

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