Friday, March 11, 2011

Soul Therapy

The weather this morning was not fit for fowl nor beast.  As evidence my hens wouldn't venture out of their coop, and the pups weren't begging to play outside.  Spring was indeed coming in like a lion, roaring so hard tree limbs were down in the garden and outdoor furniture was being blown about.  Good time for some indoor pursuits.  Since it is Friday, the one weekday that I do not go into work, I thought I would give myself a little self care:

Ginger Foot Soak
Grate a cup of ginger*
Put Ginger into an old T shirt rag or cheesecloth or muslin (whatever you have on hand) and squeeze the liquid into a basin, I use my Homedics Sole Therapy Foot Bath.
Add 2 generous teaspoons of olive oil.
Now pour in hot water and soak.
Towel off and slip into a pair of your favorite socks.

*Ginger is one of the Trinity Bulbs in Eastern medicine, the others being Onion and Garlic.  Use these liberally, especially during the colder months to enjoy optimal health.

This is an incredible treatment.  I soaked long enough to finish a swatch for my Spring Shrug (45 min?)

Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud - Tide Pool
and my feet kept tingling for another 45 minutes or so.


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