Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do Chickens Sneeze?

Just when I find myself caught up in my own little thoughts, "When oh when will the sun come out?" or "Why isn't it warmer, it is Spring after all?", life hands me a wake up call.  This morning when I let the ladies out of their coop, one of my little hens wasn't moving so well.  She, being a Silver Laced Wyandotte, is the smallest of the flock, but boy does she rule the roost.  She is definitely on the top of the pecking order.
Photo Art by Anna Brown
But not this day.  The poor little dear could barely make it through the Hen door before she had to sit down.  She couldn't even hold up her head or tail feathers.  And nothing kicks me into high gear like a sick loved one.  So off I went to find an old beach towel.  With towel in hand I swooped (ever so gently) the little gal up and cradled her back into the house.  Here she sits in the warm laundry room in Lucy's crate.
Little Hen & Dr. Rest, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Still

Hopefully, the warmth and quiet of the house will help bring her around.  I know this trick worked when our Rhode Island Red was mauled by a neighbor's dog last fall.  Perhaps this is just one example of why I like care taking so much?  It kinda takes you out of your own little dramas.

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Melissa said...

Sadly our little lady was "eggbound." I learned this a little too late and she passed that very same day. I will miss her and be on the alert for this condition if it were to reappear :(

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