Monday, March 21, 2011

The Finer Things

This past weekend my sister, Paige, was in Denver for my niece's Volleyball Tournament.  The tournament took place in the Denver Convention Center that was configured to hold 60 courts, each team playing multiple games (2 or 3) per day.  What a busy time!  I was fortunate enough to steal her away for a lovely  Afternoon Tea in the Brown Palace Lobby.

Of course there was the lovely decor, piano music, and the tea tray piled high with goodies
And the personal pots of Jasmine Cloud green tea, that were never left unattended.  All these things were simply lovely.  But the nicest, most lovely part of all, was the time to linger and visit.  I only see my family every so often, we are a far flung bunch, all residing in different parts of the US.  So when we do have the good fortune to be together, why not make it quality time?

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