Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless? Wednesday

Clematis "Violet Charm" & Apricot Bearded Iris
To create a garden is to search for a better world.
In our effort to improve on nature,
we are guided by a vision of paradise.
Whether the result is a horticultural masterpiece
or only a modest vegetable patch, it is based on the expectation of a glorious future.
This hope for the future is at the heart of all gardening.  ~Marina Schinz


Anonymous said...

My gardening certainly is NOT an improvement on nature... usually trying to return to a little bit more of it! And then the weeds take over. I like the thought, though. And I certainly do agree that "hope for the future is at the heart of all gardening". Even this gardening never-do-well can agree to that. Lovely picture, too.

Melissa said...

Ah yes, the weeds. Sometime I will have to post pictures of the most incredibly beautiful weeds. It's all in the eyes of the beholder afterall, unless its declared noxious in your area, ha!

Even though you have an uphill challenge ahead of you, I bet you come back in after gardening with a clearer head??

All the best, Melissa

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