Sunday, June 12, 2011

What New Surprises Lie In Store

I tell you what.  These chickens are just too much fun.  They never cease to amaze me.  Our family spent the day at the ball park.  It was youth Baseball day, so my husband and son's Little League team and families were out in force.  What a great day!  And a full day as well.

When we got home we were greeted by yet another surprise.  We found Momma and Baby cruising the run with the rest of the flock.  Holy Moly!

So much for keeping to their own private space in the Broody Hen Palace.  I guess three days old is old enough to venture into the great outdoors.  We all enjoyed watching them roam the area together.  They moved as one and Momma clucked to her babe the entire time.  If ever one of the more curious ladies came near, Momma would ruffle her feathers and protect her babe.  And of course watching this got me to thinking about Motherhood.  How simple it would be to act on impluse and never second guess our Mothering instinct.  This Momma knows that her babe is her responsibility and she doesn't care who she offends while protecting her.  She will ruffle her feathers, sqwak, and even peck if she needs to.  As long as at the end of the day, they are together as one happy, healthy family unit.
Thank you dear hens for your simple message.  I hear you loud and clear.


Anonymous said...

I loved this posting, what a cute little baby she is. Amazing how animals and humans have the same instincts! Keep up the good work Mommy Chicken!

Melissa said...

Thank you! I can hardly express how much I have learned raising these gals, who knew? Thank you for visiting!!

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