Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Things Come In Small Packages

I was given a wonderful surprise when I checked on the ladies yesterday.  I opened the Broody Hen Palace, was greeted by the Hen, and who was this peeping out at me?  Our new baby!  I had just about given up hope, shame one me!  What a miracle. 
One day nothing, the next a fluffed out bundle of love.
Everyone is very excited by our new arrival.  We had a grand time showing the baby to neighbors and now we get to share with all of you!  The baby is very dear.  She likes to stay close to Momma, and peeps when she is removed, so we are trying to leave them in peace.  But gosh, so irresistable!    Momma likes to keep her close, as in sit on her.  It is very dear to see them snuggle.

It's a good life afterall.

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