Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finding Our Rhythm

Is There Anything Prettier Than Pink Peonies?
Seems like every summer we go move through an adjustment to school being out and a new routine being established.  This time can feel awkward and more than a little uncomfy.  As the kids grow they need to assert themselves more and more as far as how they want to spend their vacation.  And yet, someone needs to be there to guide them, and at the very least DRIVE them.

After a bit of a bumpy start things are starting to settle.  As Max learned at Scout Camp, and obligingly shared with us, one of the most important components for survival in the wilderness is good moral.  And one essential element for good moral is establishing a rhythm.  Fantastic.  This hearkens back to Rachel and Max's preschool teacher's mantra "Rhythm, Routine, and Consistency."

So, after too much back and forth this week, my hero came to my rescue.  Thank you Brad for getting the kids to their early morning swim practice so I could enjoy a quiet house.  I revelled in the time to straighten, dust, vacuum, and fuss about the house without disrupting anyone.  Glorious.

To cap it off, I was able to bike to work.  What a treat!
My Commute
To think I may have missed this view if I hadn't slowed down long enough to leave the car at home.

Here's hoping you all are finding your own rhythm within your summers.

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