Thursday, April 14, 2011

X Marks The Spot, with a Dot-Dot-Dot and a Dash-Dash-Dash

and a BIG question mark!  Isn't that just life?  There have been a lot of questions swirling around in my brain lately, and I just have to wait for the answers.  It's that simple, and that hard.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have a higher brain, just a simple low-level brain, kinda like the chickens.  They don't worry about what the purpose of their lives are.  They don't question what they are supposed to do when their chicks grow up.  They just are.  They can just be.  Simple living: when its cold outside, seek shelter; when hungry, go dig around for some food; when its sunny, take a dust bath; when a hawk swoops by, duck and cover!; or when the impulse strikes, lay an egg.  Over and over again.  Day after day.  Season after season.
But our human lives involve just a touch more than that.  So many choices.  So many decisions.  As my "kids" grow I find myself quesitoning "what next?"  I don't really want to head down the wrong path, because I don't want to waste time.  The clock is ticking, and I want to make every moment count.

I guess I'll just follow the hens' example: when an egg has been laid, some gal will find it (if it isn't gathered) and decide she needs to tend to it.  So she sits and waits.  She sits and keeps this promise of new life warm.  She may get testy if you try to grab her egg, she may even peck.  But she won't move.  She sits and waits knowing that through patience new beginnings will emerge.

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