Sunday, April 17, 2011

Confessions of a DIY Addict

I'm all for the Do-It-Yourself Movement.  I love growing my own food, sewing my own clothes, knitting my own sweaters.  But there are limits.  And sometimes these limits are not so obvious, until one has crossed them and into "DIY Madness."

What on earth possessed me to throw all caution to the wind and say, "What the heck, 'hair' goes nothing!"?  Not a good thing to say when standing in the Hair Color aisle of the local supermarket.  I've experimented a few times with luke-warm results: "Really honey?  You colored your hair?  I hardly noticed."  To be followed by such comments as "I don't know, I think you could go lighter."  For as much as I would love to pin the blame on my husband (as I am so used to doing) I really only have myself to blame, and possibly Rachel who grabbed a new shade and said "Try this color Mommy. You will look great!"

So, bolstered by my false sense of infallibility, I purchased the box and headed home knowing that a good time to dye would present itself this weekend.  But maybe I shouldn't have chosen 1 hour before we were due to Bar-B-Que with the neighbors (the woman of the household being a hair dresser of all things!)?  This go 'round the dye sure did tingle a whole lot more, and I wasn't so cautious about not rubbing it into the scalp.  Or doing a test strand first.  Or setting a timer from the start of application, instead of the end.  All NOT good things.

Long story short, I have glowing roots.  The box promised VIBRANT color, but this is taking things a little too far.  But no fear, this is only the semi-permanent variety of hair trajedgy.  It will only take 40 or so washes for it to be out, and I read if you washed with Grape Kool Aid, the blue tones will counter balance the "brassy highlights" a.k.a. ORANGE HAIR.  Great, no problem, back I go to the supermarket for a year's worth of Grape Kool Aid.  Not such a bad home remedy, it even smelled pretty good.  But did it have the desired effects?  Hmn, hard to say. 

My niece and I got a good chuckle over my excapade when she came over for Sunday Supper.  She even suggested I blog about it.  "Really, people like to read about this kind of stuff."  Ok, so why not?  Quickly my mind raced to think about what photos I could post, because I certainly didn't want to be post a picture of me doing my best "Bozo the Clown" impersonation.  So, off I trot to the recycle bin to pull out the hair color box.  And then I see it.  "Natural Instincts" Vibrant PERMANENT Hair Color.  Well, I don't know whose instincts they were talking about, but they certainly weren't mine!

Quick emergency call to our gal who cuts the family's hair.  Yes she can see me this week (after we attend a Seder for 25 - thank you very much).  She suggested I bring in the box, so she can see what the base color is.  "Why is that?" I ask.  "Oh, because I sure wouldn't want to turn your hair purple or green!"

Sounds like someone is going to be enjoying a colorful Easter!


Gisela said...

Thanks for sharing your story and for making me smile tonight. :)

Melissa said...

You're welcome Gissey :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see a photo of you before it's "fixed!" I am picturing the color of a newly hatched chick. :D Al

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