Saturday, April 30, 2011

Responsibility Will Set You Free

I've spent the past, oh, 4 to 6 weeks doggedly keeping at my Spring Cleaning.  I've been hard at it knowing that May would be bringing visitors and celebrations the like I haven't seen in 15 or 20 years.  This past week I crossed off my final Spring Cleaning to-do's (that's not to say there won't be last minute touch-ups) that I really wanted ta-done.  Including finishing off my wispy, shrug-like cardigan:
I am creating a project on Ravelry (complete with photos) for anyone who may want more details.  Check back for the link! 

With this sense of completion comes a tremendous source of satisfaction and ENERGY!  I'm so excited to have the hard stuff done, that now it's on to the fun stuff.  There are fabric buntings, paper garlands, and flower pot cozies to make.  Whee :)!  The past 2 days I've spent some time scrounging in my stash for the necessary items, and taking a final sweep into town for anything I didn't have on hand.

I will post more pictures, and tutorials in a bit, probably after this week?  I must say, I might be taking a break this week from the blog.  I don't want to disappoint by not doing any of these projects justice with diluted posts, but I am thrilled to have met my goal of 10 postings this month.

So I will wish you all a thrilling week, and please do check back next week for more surprises!

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