Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pins and Needles

I took our dear, sweet Lucy to the Vet today to have her teeth cleaned, and I'm nervous.  The procedure involves anesthesia, and you just never know.  She is such a sweety, notice I didn't say angel.  An angel she is not.  In fact, she is a rather "bad dog."  Those words are in quotes because they are often repeated around our house.  Whether she has stolen cookies from the kids' rooms, swiped a cake from the counter, or stolen lollypops from the family room, it's all the same.  The stealth, the swoop, the glee and the chase.  Then the inevitable words, "bad dog!"

But one look in those doe-brown eyes, and any anger melts away.  How can you be angry at a dog who is just doing what they love?  And who can't relate to a love of food, especially the sweet variety?  And she is one of the most peaceful, loving creatures I have ever met.  Just don't come between her and any food!
Bless you dear Lucy, we all love you and pray for your quick recovery.

+++++++++++++++++Added some time later+++++++++++++++
Pepper misses you as well.  Just having gotten home from work, I've discovered I have a new shadow.  He is looking forward to you coming home!

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Melissa said...

She's home!

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