Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yup, it's definitely getting to be the end of the season.  You can see it in the early morning light, can't you?  You certainly couldn't tell by the afternoon 90 degree weather we've been experiencing, but the season is winding down.  It feels just like when the sprinkler reaches it's full arc and you want to make a run for it. 

We had an incredible bean harvest, but even they are slowing down in production.  The hens are slowing down as well.  Instead of gathering 6-8 eggs a day, I'm gathering 4-5.  The weeds however still have a good head of steam.

I literally threw in the trowel (pun intended!) on the weeding when the mosquitoes got too thick and vicious.  But amidst all those bugs and jungle there is food to be enjoyed.  It does take a certain amount of courage and clothing to bring it in!

So now my dilemma is what to do with all the bounty?  I have made copious amounts of ratatouille and cucumber salad, but part of me wants to squirrel it away for a taste of summer in the winter.  I would love to find a canning recipe to use up the zucchini, squash, beans, and peppers.

Any ideas?


Krista Callas said...

Hi Melissa! It's me, Krista (we met at Gisela's earlier this week). What a lovely blog you've got here! The pictures are just beautiful, and the whole thing is so warm and heartfelt. Congrats on a lovely blog, and a lovely diary of your life with your family and gardens (and chickens!)

I'm inspired to start a blog now too!

Melissa said...

Hey Krista - thanks for stopping by! I so enjoyed our morning at Giselle's. It's so nice to stop and take a breather and enjoy some time with friends. So glad we got to finally meet. I hope you do start a blog, and when you do leave me your address. Let me know if you have any technical difficulties I will try to help you through it.

Blessings - Melissa (Yoga soon!)

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