Sunday, August 28, 2011

Under De-Construction

Howdy Folks!  I'm beginning to think it's about time to change things up, in many ways.  Brad and I are looking at refurbishing our living room (great room) just in time for the holidays.  We spent a good part of Friday's afternoon looking at sectionals.  Yes, I've caved in.  After 10 years I'm letting the man have his way, on this item anyway, ha!  In addition, after staring at a perfectly lovely piano (Charles R. Walter) that wasn't being played we decided to find it a new home.  In its place I will be putting book shelves, something I've wanted to do for a long time.  As some of you may know, I have little piles of books stashed here and there, just itching for a place to call their own.

It just feels like the right time to change things up a bit.  It's that in between time.  Kids are in school, but it's still summer.  Fall is approaching, with the crickets and sunflowers, but non too swiftly.  I'm preparing a Knitting As A Spiritual Practice class that I will be teaching at the church, but it doesn't get started until October.  So, it is a good time to feather the nest and make it cozier for the approaching winter (shh - can't believe I just wrote that!).

So when I don't feel like moving furniture around and dusting up what was hiding there, I will be playing with the look of this blog, hence the new banner picture.  It is rather large, but a pretty reminder of my garden.  Perhaps I will delve into the HTML code and see if I can't reduce its size a bit?  Perhaps the teenager will help me with that?

With that I wish you all a lovely Sunday.  It holds such a special place in the week doesn't it?  Even if it will be spent doing a bit more sofa shopping!


Kim said...

I just moved to Boulder from St. Louis, Mo. I was wondering about your knitting class. Is it open to women who do not go to your church? What church is it?

Melissa said...

My class is absolutely open to women who do not go to my church. I would love to have you come. I will email you details! Thanks for stopping by!

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