Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

Like many of you this week, I found myself at the Mall doing some back to school shopping with my teenager.  All good fun!  Rachel and I had a good laugh because we found ourselves spending most of our time at the food court enjoying some fish tacos.  Typical!  I was surprised when rounding one familiar corner to find that Restoration Hardware was gone.  Sadness.  But seeing that my house has been furnished for many years now, not a huge loss for me.  Especially when I weigh in its replacement.  It was a store called "Cozy Cottage" and here is what greeted passing shoppers:

Oh Joy!  What incredible festiveness!

I love the spider web tablecloth on the white table and all the hanging placards, "I'd Turn Back If I Were You!"
Dear little owls with yellow eyes!

I know most of you are still relishing summer and all it's bounty.  I should be too.  But I must confess, Back to School has filled me with a certain degree of anxiety.  And looking forward to one of my favorite holidays helps with that a lot.  Is it too early to plan costumes?


Paaige said...

I love the decoratins!

Mommy Chicken said...

Would love to sit in a room decorated like that and enjoy some hot cider with you. How could be make it an adult beverage????

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