Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year indeed!  2013 was filled with unexpected surprises, some welcome, and some not so much so.  After a busy summer coming up to speed with my husband's business, we were hit with a historic flood in September.  Our neighborhood backs up to a creek that became a roaring river that spread beyond it's banks threefold.  We helped evacuate our neighbors across the street as the river washed away their acreage and engulfed their home.  Luckily, the house remains standing and the owner, who is a builder, has been working feverishly to rebuild his land and home.

This fall we also helped out daughter apply and get accepted to three universities, but we're still waiting on my Alma mater - CU! I would love her to join the ranks of forever Buffs!!

Our neighborhood welcomed a new baby this year! This is a third child for my lovely, little German neighbor and her husband, and their first girl!  I luckily got to spend some of my winter break knitting for her, NOT in pink, when not skiing.

I'm counting my blessings as I count my stitches.  I hope you can as well.

Here's the Stay On Booties Instructions for the little wee ones in your lives:

Yarn: I used up leftover sock weight yarn
Needles: size 3 double points

CO 9 stitches
K in st st for 32 rows, or 16 ridges
Now you should have a little rectangle swatch of knitting.
Pick up 16 stitches along the longer sides, and 9 stitches on the shorter side. 50 stitches in total on your needles.
Join together by Purling 4 rounds, Knit 4 rounds, Purl 4 rounds, Knit 4 rounds, Purl 4 rounds.
You should have a little basket shape, where the little foot will go!

Now to shape the top of the foot:
From the 9 stitch end, Knit and Purl ROWS back and forth, knitting or purling the last stitch (depending on the row you are on) from the 9 stitch needle with the first stitch from the next needle, decreasing as you go. This creates the top of the booty.  Keep going until you have 32 stitches left on the needles. This will be the ankle.

Knit 3 rounds. On the fourth round create the eyelets for the ribbon or Icord:
Knit 2, YO, K2TOG all way around.
Now knit 22 more rounds then BO.

Sew in ends. You can use a ribbon or knit an I cord for the tie.

Here's a link for the Baby Hat as well, so quick and fun!

Hope you stay cozy!!

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