Monday, August 26, 2013

Where Does The Time Go?

This simple little refrain, "where does the time go?" has been oft repeated in my mind lately...

Our summer has come and is in the process of going much too quickly.  I guess that's what happens when real estate has a boom, and you're making as much hay as possible while the sun is shining.  We did manage to enjoy ourselves with some baseball, swimming, music, camping, and a lot of back porch time.  I can't complain.  I managed to get zinnia to grow in the garden this summer, I guess the trick is using a row cover while they are in the infancy stage.  It keeps the bugs from mowing them down!  We have been rewarded with outstanding color:

We've had a great harvest of cucumber, beans, and chard.

I managed to ruin 2 batches of half sour pickles.  They say it's all in the brine, I guess I haven't discovered the perfect solution yet, so no recipe to share :(

The hens were their fickle selves, sometimes gracing me with eggs, other times not.  Perhaps our visiting snake had something to do with this situation?  Even so, I am still delighted every time I gather in their offerings!

My other chickies are still growing by leaps and bounds.  Two high schoolers this year!  It's been six years since they attended the same school, and already they are sharing the drive in the morning, football games, and stories of infamous teachers.  Their lockers are even 10 spaces apart.

It's always hardest on those left behind.  The pups always grow so attached to the kids, they can't seem to understand where they go.

They grew especially attached to Max since he took on the job of feeding them their lunch!

Max really came into his own this summer and we're so proud of the great work he did on the trails around Boulder with the Youth Corps.  Rachel had another successful summer guarding at the Elks Swim Club.

We are so very grateful!

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