Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cooped Up

We've been getting our fare share of snow, for which I am grateful.  I do love the fresh blanket of white covering the brown of mid winter.  As long as I can get out in it, I am happy.  Lately, the below zero temps have made that a challenge!


But as always, I am grateful for my silly birds, and the small lessons they share.  They set a great example for me the other day. Regardless of the cold and snow that was literally surrounding their coop, they happily perched outside to take in the fresh air and sunshine.

It wasn't long before I followed suit, and I was rewarded for my effort.

Thank you silly, pretty birds!

While inside, I am pursuing other endeavors, like this blanket.

The stitch is rather simple, try it if you like!

CO ODD multiple of 3 - say 63, not 60 not 66 stitches.
K3, P3 to the end.

Yup that's all, not much more to it.  Because of the odd number of stitches cast on, you will get varied ribbing both vertically and horizontally.  So far, I've knit up three skeins of Lionbrad Homespun colorway Lagoon.  Soon it will cover me as I knit!  I plan on going until I run out of yarn, only 3 more skeins to go!  Then I'll bind off, and use the last skein to fringe.

I hope you're happy and healthy and doing whatever it takes to get through this longest, shortest month of February!

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