Saturday, December 3, 2011

There's No Business

Like snow business!  This week the Arctic Blast moved in and we've been getting intermittent snow for several days.  Although the temptation was great to stay tucked inside, sometimes a body just has to get out!

Surprisingly, the pups and I arrived at our usual trail to find we had it all to ourselves, First Tracks!  They were more than delighted to rip about in the fresh snow:

And snuffle, and burry their heads for hidden treasure:

I just love watching Lucy's ears flop about when she runs:

Our only company was the water fowl:

I guess ducks don't read:


Our favorite bramble patch:

A great place to play hide and seek:


And that's all the news from around here.  Living simply, and simply living. 

Hope you all are cozy!


Paaige said...

I love it!!! Wish I was there to enjoy the walki with you intrepid hikers.

Missy said...

Me too Paige! I discovered a new place behind one of Brad's listings in South Boulder. Incredible forest. I'll take you there someday :)

Anonymous said...

What great photos! How did you take those great pics without your fingers freezing? Genny wants to visit you and all that snow! Love, Al

Missy said...

Oh Yea! I would love a visit from Genny :) It's weird, but I'm not really feeling the cold this year. Maybe it's all the Kundalini yoga and the "Breath of Fire." Snow for you tommorrow????? xo xo M :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos and a fun story. I don't think it is yoga but instead Helen of Tundra boots! XOXO

Melissa "Mommy Chicken" said...

Certainly the boots play a big part! LOVE THEM!

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