Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making Waves

Just in time for the holidays!  Here's a quick peek at the wavy feathers cap I completed for a friend:

The yarn was oh so lovely to work with.  Yes, it was a bit fiddly given it was finger weight yarn, and BLACK, which made for close work.  I hadn't ever worked with Yak yarn before, and given the price, may never again.  It was so light but strong.  I love the dissonance of that.  It worked up well into a lightweight, yet warm cap (as promised by the pattern).  Click here if you want to make one as well!

Giving thanks for those animals and the yarn they provide, and thinking it's time to do some yarn shopping.  I feel a need.

1 comment:

Paaige said...

Too cute and I do mean the womanunder the cute hat!

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