Monday, December 26, 2011

The Greatest Gift

Bump Feeling Festive

Nan and Her Prayer Shawl
Need I say more?  This year we were blessed by the arrival of my parents for our holiday.  We enjoyed a lot of laughs, shopping, meals in and out, and even family games (Rachel trumped us all!).  I'm grateful for all the wonderful gifts we shared (and I do like presents!), but perhaps the greatest gift of all was the ability to enjoy each moment, and not get sucked away by some old pattern, habit, reaction that would take away from the present moment, for that is the greatest gift.  Time with grandparents is a commodity, and I thank all my sisters for sharing them with us this year. 

We really did embrace this past week of Advent, and here is the blessing for any of you who were wondering:

The fourth light of Advent, it is the light of Man
the light of joy, the light of thought
to grow and understand

I hope you all enjoy the little things this season and the year to come.  You never know.  One day you may discover that those little things are the big things.

Blessings, Melissa


Liz Smith said...

I loved the way you expressed your joy in the day and in the moment, Melissa!

Melissa said...

Thank you Liz!

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