Friday, October 14, 2011

Such a busy week.  So busy doing, not as much time to write.  We celebrated Brad's Birthday with a home-cooked family dinner Tuesday.  In keeping with tradition, I made lasagne.  Not just any lasagne.  This year I was compelled to make it a true labor of love, including picking and skinning graden tomatoes, all but make the noodles myself.  It was so delicious, but I was tired and cranky :(

Not sure if it was all the cooking or perhaps the prepping for and holding our knitting circle that made me so tired.  Of course it can't just be any ordinary knitting class, I must infuse it with mindfulness teachings.  Hence, I found myself a bit wiped out.  Perhaps I'll hit my teaching stride and be able to maintain my energy without falter.  Perhaps not.  Guess I'll flow with it!

The fall colors have been tremendous and I so want to share it with the family, and not just as I shuttle kids to and fro.  We're planning on getting out Sunday for just this purpose.  A lovely breakfast and hike through the surrounding hills.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of light, love, and simple pleasures.

by the river
i am reminded of how she does what she does 
so effortlessly
you do not have to do anything
but trust
that is it
and when you can not do that anymore
trust that! ~ KC


Shannon said...

Love the banner on the top. I miss your back porch!

A. Missy said...

it misses you. come back soon please! m :)

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