Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pieces of Me

Ok - I'll admit it.  Lately I'm all about the redemption song.  Bob Marley and I go way back.  There is something uniquely uplifting about letting something go, only to have something new and unexpected pop up in its place.  The key is in the letting go

I had this experience recently when I went rummaging about in my half forgotten projects stashed here and there in baskets and totes.  I had knit a lovely Intarsia socklet, just one mind you, before abandoning it for the next big thing to catch my eye.  Silly me.  I left this project open in a basket because the colors were just so lovely to gaze upon while muttering, "One day soon I'll finish you."  The yarn was equally lovely, so lovely that an uninvited guest happened upon it.  Ordinarily we don't have to worry about such matters in the dry Colorado climate.  Or so I thought.

To my initial dismay, I thought "Dang, there goes the second socklet.  Never to be completed.  Sigh."  Then, blam, it came upon me.  Why not use all these little bits and bobs to crochet a simple motif?  I've been staring longingly at this new book of mine just waiting for the perfect excuse, erm, opportunity, to have a crack at it.

There you have it.  But what to do with one simple motif?  Cover a rock of course.  Now let me just say, this idea is not mine alone.  My inspiration for it came directly from Maggie at Resurrection Fern (another redemption moment, yes?).  And no one does it quite like her. Honestly, go check out her blog.  You won't be disappointed.  But this simple rock is mine.

Redemption Stone

Or rather, never really was.  I'm just a part of the process.  This rock had a receiver in mind all along.  You see, dear friends of ours are moving to Texas, and I so wanted them to take a piece of me, us, with them.  I collected this particular rock on one of my Reservoir walks (puppy romp).  I'm sure I was ruminating on their move and how much I hoped they would one day return to us all here in Boulder Valley.

So you see, this particular rock is infused with Chief Niwot's curse, which means they will indeed have to return to us.  That and the fact that their Realtor, my husband Brad, advised that they not sell their home, but merely rent it ;)

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