Saturday, September 17, 2011

Firefly Handmade

I had the good fortune to make my way over to the Gypsy Caravan Market today, held at the Boulder Commons, formerly known as Sutherlands Lumber Yard.  It's a pretty amazing experience.  All these incredible juried artists sharing as much handmade goodness as anyone can muster.  What's really neat is the fact that these gals put their creativity to use transforming something that was vacant into a magical realm of color and light.  Don't miss it.  It's being held again tomorrow from 9-3 pm.  Here's a sneak peak:

Mountain Love - an adorable gal who creates great stuff when not teaching first graders!

I'm a sucker for anything egg related!

Some of the funnest felting ever!

Goodies galore!

AND . . . if you're so inclined to retreat into a crafty land, The Makerie is your event.  Otherwise,
be sure to mark your calendars for the Holiday Market, Dec. 9-11th.

See you there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it and enjoyed it so much. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks at BMoCA! Do say hi! Great photos by the way.

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