Monday, May 16, 2011

Babies On Board

Exciting news here at Brigadoon Farm!  Today when I was collecting eggs I had a first time ever experience.  When I gather eggs I have to remove all the eggs from under the 2 broody hens (yes, we have co-parents here in Boulder Colorado). 
Why you may ask?  Well, for some odd reason, the other laying hens are laying on the soon to be hatchlings.  There is another nesting box, but for some reason they prefer the one that has been occupied round the clock for almost a month now.  So I have to gingerly remove all the eggs, and return the ones that have been marked with an "X and a Dot, Dot, Dot . . ."  As I was doing so today, I FELT A HEARTBEAT!  How cool is that?  Let me tell you, I didn't expect that one.  It gave me quite a shot of adrenaline.  Even more amazing, this was the egg that I accidentally gathered a week ago, and had in the house overnight before I realized it was marked for hatching.  What a miracle!

Ain't life grand?

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