Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do-Si-Do Your Partner

Yesterday we had a wee break in the colder, cloudy, rainy weather here (Are we really in Boulder folks?  Feels more like the Pacific Northwest). So with shovel and wheelbarrow in tow I ventured into the garden for some much anticipated pottering about.  Certain flowers had been catching my eye and demanding I move them to a more appropriate place where they could be better show-cased.
Well, my gardening is a bit like dominoes, or sqare dancing.  Once started, its hard to stop, and one move affects another.  Move this hellebore, and oops, make room by moving that rose, and so on.  It was a glorious early morning until I could stand the stink eye from the pups no longer.

Off we ventured to the North Shore.  It was lovely.  The clouds were breaking up and the sun was peeking through just enough to highlight the water and provide some warmth. 
The pups enjoyed their run, perhaps a little too much.  After snake hunting in the grass, and rolling in a much decomposed carcass by the water's edge, it was a happy, albeit stinky, ride home.
Quick baths, and a quicker lunch and they were settled into their afternoon naps.  How I envy them, it is a dog's life afterall.

A good day with all its comings and goings.  Speaking of comings and goings.  Sad news from the farm.  The dear little egg with the hearbeat is no more.  Such sadness.  I was shocked when collecting the days' eggs to find that it was gone.  Gone without a trace!  How can that be?

After consulting an online chicken forum, I've surmised it could be one of a few things.  Rat (Darn you Templeton!), Snake (Let's NOT go there shall we?), or eek Cannibalism?  I've gleened some ideas and after more than a bit of grieving, moping, and basic wallowing, I'm determined to thwart the culprit!  No one said this chicken keeping was for the faint of heart.  So, its off to the hardware store for some hardware cloth.

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homespun living said...

So sorry to hear this Melissa! Once in a while we do have a problem with some of our hens eating eggs--very frustrating.
Best wishes!

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