Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Mother's Wish

Back to school has me thinking about my hopes for my children.  Funny that they are not connected with medals, scores, rank advancements, speed trial times, or any other means to single out our children.  It's not that I'm opposed to those things.  I want my children to stretch and surprise themselves, work as a team, and learn how to manage failure.  It's just that I value certain other characteristics as well.  Characteristics that may not be as easily recognized or acknowledged:

Be Kind - please don't buy into the name calling and labeling that happens amongst your peers.

Stand up for Justice - intervene instead of walking away or, worse, participating in unjust behavior.

Lend a Hand - take the time to make a difference in someone's day, even if it's a small gesture.  One day you'll figure out the small things are the BIG things.

Do for Others - you can always brighten someone's day, even if it's just a smile or a friendly hello.  As your great-grandma Evelyn would say, "Why not say 'hello'?, it doesn't cost anything!"

For me, living a successful life can't necessarily be measured.  My wish is that they find what lends purpose to their lives and fills them with happiness. Whatever path they choose, the random (and NOT so random) acts of kindness and service they exhibit along the way will have positive effects that ripple out far and wide and for a very long time.

I remain faithful that both my children will continue to show evidence of this unquantifiable quality (call it the X factor), through their dealings with neighbors (I've heard many times this summer how enjoyable they are); their time spent together (I've overheard many a late night guffaw from the down the hall this summer); and their time with me. 

THANK YOU  Rachel and Max for the TLC you showed me during the loss of my flock earlier this month.

These acts of kindness earn you the best kind of gold star!


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful, I'm going to share this with D.


Melissa said...

Awe - that's lovely Lori. Many blessings on this coming school year to all of you :) lots of love - Melissa

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