Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's Unfoldment

I'm so appreciating my garden and all the beauty it brings.  Visual feasts, and wise reminders.  Given time and light, unfoldment happens before our very eyes.  Can you feel it?  Indeed, "the heart sees deeper than the eye."  I cannot take credit for that quote, it was on my Yogi tea bag today.  Such a nice reminder.  

Blessings on your weekend, especially all you Mothers, mothering types, and wanna-be's.  The world needs you!


rebecca said...

melissa i am so happy to see you here! everyone linking in is sharing haiku, i think if you add one to this post you will enjoy many visitors.
we link late on thursdays and all friday. it is a lovely and warm group and i hope you will join us!

Marit said...

I love your photos and yes, please share a haiku (find out about haiku at the bottom of this post and join us! You're very welcome.

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