Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Many May Babies

May is a dizzying month.  Recitals, finals, graduations, not to mention that every time I turn around there is life to be welcomed or celebrated once again (seems like most of my Facebook Friends and quite a few relatives have birthdays in May - including moi!).  The flowers, the birds, the foals, the calves, the babies are EVERYWHERE.  Our neighbor's family greeted their new son last week, at HOME, and I was pleased as punch to find him these darling little leaf booties over at Tiny Happy

My grandmother celebrated her 100th, yes 100th, can you believe?  She is a testament to sustaining herself with a positive mental attitude - "Mind over Matter Helen" - and enjoying the simple pleasures in life "I just love dandelions, they are so cheery."  Really, of all that blooms in Spring she favors the dandelion.  Simply pleasures indeed.

I'm wishing you all good health and vitality to be out there and enjoy all that Spring has to offer.
Baby Great Horned Owl

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