Thursday, July 14, 2011

14,000 Things To Be Grateful For

Well, I have to admit.  Sometimes I suffer from Blog Anxiety.  Do you know what I mean?  It usually strikes when I find myself caught up in the comparison game.  You know how it goes, "Gee, her muffins are so much cuter than mine," or "Wow, she seems to have so much family togetherness time."  It's a horrible place to be, so as my friend says, "If you're going to take that kind of a trip, make it as fast as possible."

Nothing pulls me out of that place faster than practising gratitude.  Was it Gandhi who wrote, "Gratitude is the surest path back to the soul?"  Therefore, here is something I am grateful for:

We've been having pretty consistent afternoon and evening rain showers, so much so that I'm not sure Little League will ever finish (many, many rain delays).  Something that I am oh so grateful for is that first step out the back porch in the morning as I go to let out the chickens.  The smell of garden sage, lavender, tomato and cilantro is overwhelming.  Something about that hard rain releases the essence of these plants and it just lingers in the air.

One little thing that means a lot to me.

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